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Project in Focus

Magnesium Metal

Magnesium is synonymous with light-weighting and can be used in lieu of steel or aluminum in a variety of structural applications. But high prices, production imbalance, and volatility have kept Mg from flourishing. We aim to bring production cost down by using a direct production route known as carbothermal reduction. With specialized process and reactor design, modern control and automation, and ore-to-ingot testing capability, we are bringing to market the world’s cleanest and most economical Mg production process. Together, with our affiliates, Big Blue Technologies is paving the way toward a lighter future.


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Magnesium metal crystals formed by heterogeneous condensation on graphite foil

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Flying Close to the Sun

Big Blue Technologies specializes in high temperature chemistry and reactor design. Our experience range is up to 2200 degrees Celsius in vacuum, inert, and/or reactive atmospheres.

We’ve made fuels, ceramics, metals, and various specialty products.

We’ve built reactors powered by electricity, natural gas, and solarthermal energy.

We believe that post-modern industrialism is picking up in pace and a new age of data-driven heavy industry must be balanced by rapid experimental prototyping of new process and reactor concepts.



We are results-driven and emphasize output over logged hours for fast in-house prototyping of custom reactor solutions that includes design, construction, and operation.


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